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With the upcoming demand and continuous interest in crypto currencies, Cointinuum identified an increasing need for a convenient platform that would keep all the crypto currency information, latest updates and portfolio storage in one place. It allows the users to manage and maintain their investments, monitor their growth on the market and access their information on every day bases.

Compared to competing platforms, Cointinuum offers a very straightforward and easy user experience that makes understanding and managing crypto currencies easy.


My role begun with design research, analyzing competing crypto platforms and their user experience. During this process I realized that most platforms are built with a complicated flow and a large number of steps. The user experience did not really allow people that were new to the market, to begin their crypto journey.

Using this research I worked out an app flow that eliminated unnecessary steps and merged them into just a few, basic commands. I built clean, simple brand identity together with the product UX/UI visual system. In the end, I developed and produced the actual app.


Brand identity

UI/UX design

iOS development

Text cointinuum
Colors cointinuum

App icon development

App icons cointinuum

Splash screen development

Splash development cointinuum


Wireframes arrows cointinuum

Trend cell development

Trends development cointinuum

Final design — Trends & Portfolio

See real-time value updates for every crypto currency on the market. Add it your portfolio and watch how your investment performs over time.

Trends portfolio cointinuum
Coin detail cointinuum

Final design — Currency detail

Access detailed real-time information, or explore the latest news and updates about any crypto currency.

Final design — Adding assets

Add a new asset to your portfolio. Without a hassle. In just two steps.

Add coin cointinuum
Ui elements cointinuum
Icons cointinuum
Trends hand cointinuum
Mockup hand portfolio cointinuum
Mockup hand coin detail cointinuum