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Fly to Space is an app concept created for a futuristic vision of space tourism. Its main goal is to combine the convenience of buying flight tickets online and offering trips to selected planets in our solar system. In only few easy steps, user can select, reserve and purchase a seat to outer space. Offers range through few levels of classes, from basic economy to luxury private cabins with a personal view. The interface is built out separately for each planet with its own, dedicated service, ensuring safe and comfortable travel to the great above and beyond.


I started the process by researching user flow of hospitability and travel apps, gathering the main elements of these services. Using this knowledge, I applied similar elements into this conceptual interface, creating an original platform dedicated to space travel. My main goal was to create clean and clear user experience. Given the extensive travel time and new, unknown destinations I focused on creating reliable and trustworthy interface, including everything necessary for any and all tourist travel needs. I also created an overarching brand identity system that applies to an overall “space” brand as well as its sub-brands of individual planets.


Brand identity

UI/UX design

Anton repponen 99546 unsplash
Elaine casap 86010 unsplash

Logo exploration

Logo layout fly
Mockup space wide

Booking flow

Mockup choose mars fly
Mockup booking mars 1 fly
Mockup booking mars 2 fly
Mockup booking mars 3 fly
Mockup booking mars pay fly
Mockup booking mars cancel fly

Brand application

Mockup jacket fly
Mockup bag fly
Mockup flag fly
Mockup spaceship fly
Mockup on earth fly
Mockup on moon fly