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Feedback-report is a hospitality digital platform that facilitates stronger customer-business connection. It enables an easier online communication between the business and its customers by collecting reviews across all the major review portals into a single weekly report saving businesses time and effort. The data dashboard is designed to display the summary of information in a simple, digestible way and offers a great resource for companies to keep track of their performance.


The main challenge of this project was to find the most efficient way for the user to gain insight into all the collected data. Hospitality managers and owners are notoriously busy and over-worked, so one of the design goals was to deliver product’s value without becoming a burden. To achieve this, the weekly report had to be information dense, yet easily skimmable. I achieved this by highlighting the most important data points while making all the additional functionality still readily available.


UI/UX design

Web development

Admin Wireframes

This is an internal admin interface for the feedback-report team. Its main functionality is an analytics dashboard with overview of core business variables.

Admin wireframe restaurants add new report
Admin wireframe overview report
Admin wireframe restaurants list report

Registration flow

Feedback-report operates on a freemium business model. The basic version is free and customers have an upgrade option for more advanced features like competitors comparison, or review translation.

Register1 report
Register2 report
Register3 report

Landing page

Mostly aimed at business, where it explains the core functionality and value proposition of the product, it also provides functionality for a customer to send an invitation to a business to improve their online presence.

Website landing report

Weekly email report

Weekly email report is the bread and butter of feedback-report tool. It shows a overview of all the reviews received for the last week, with an average score across all the portals and detailed charts providing a deeper look into the data.

Further insight can be gained from the list of reviews directly in the email.

Daily average report Reviews per day report
Avarage ratings report


By further analysing the collected data feedback-report can generate advanced charts. One of those charts is restaurant's performance comparison between three main time time slots — breakfast, lunch and dinner. This charts enables users to dig deeper and observe differences between individual shifs during the day.

Reviews per network report
Mockup1 report
Mockup2 report