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Stanley’s is a small, family operated laundromat located in North Beach, San Francisco. Serving the neighborhood for years it is well known by the locals but the increasing competition in the area created a need for a more attractive storefront. Based on the shifting demographics of North Beach, the main goal of this re-brand project was to update the store identity so it appealed to younger population in the neighborhood. The strategy was to create a modern visual system that would help differentiate the laundromat from the competition.


In this project I focused mainly on identity design and its application to all branding deliverables. In the ideation phase I researched the storefronts of other laundromats in the area. In conclusion, all of their logos consisted only of simple word marks and dull color palettes. Here, I saw an opportunity to differentiate Stanley’s by creating a symbol representing the store. In the process, my main inspiration were rows of washing machines which through iterations narrowed down to a simple wash and dry symbol, supporting the tagline in the company name.


Brand identity

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Sketches stanleys
Colors3 stanleys
Logo development stanleys

Final Logo Variants

Color on white stanleys
Black on white stanleys
Red on black stanleys
White on black stanleys

Logo Applications

Stationery4 stanleys
Cards2 stanleys
Cards stanleys
Mockup tote stanleys v1
Mockup tote stanleys v2
Store sign stanleys
Window stanleys